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Rock Cycle

| Blog, Videos | December 11, 2012

Rock Cycle

This video is a short explainer about the Rock Cycle and the three types of rocks, Igneous rock, Metamorphic rock and Sedimentary rock, and how those rocks are formed. It is a Geology educational resource for kids and adults.

Sedimentary Rock

Sedimentary rocks form at or near the Earth’s surface. Rocks made from particles of eroded sediment are called clastic sedimentary rocks, rocks made from the remains or living things are called biogenic sedimentary rocks, and those that form by minerals precipitating out of solution are called evaporites. Sandstone is an example of Sedimentary rock.
Rock Cycle

Igneous Rock

Igneous rocks begin as hot, fluid material. The word “igneous” comes from the Latin word for fire. This material may have been lava erupted at the Earth’s surface, or magma at depths below the surface. Basalt is an example of Igneous rock.
Rock Cycle

Metamorphic Rock

Metamorphic rocks form when sedimentary and igneous rocks become changed, or metamorphosed, by conditions below the surface. The four main agents that metamorphose rocks are heat, pressure, fluids and strain. These agents can act and interact in an unlimited variety of ways. As a result, most of the thousands of rare minerals known to science occur in metamorphic (“shape-changed”) rocks. Marble is an example of Metamorphic rock.
Rock Cycle

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